Sand Beach @ Grayton Beach, FL

Sand Beach - Grayton Beach, Florida

Tidal Marsh @ Simmons Bayou, St. Joe Bay, Florida

Tidal Marsh - Simmon's Bayou, St. Joseph Bay, Florida

Carrie Bow Cay, Belize

Reef Crest/Barrier Island - Carrie Bow Cay, Belize

Seagrass Meadow @ St. Joseph Bay, Florida

Seagrass Meadow - St. Joseph Bay, Florida

Mangroves @ Zane Gray Creek, Florida

Mangroves - Zane Gray Creek, Florida

Welcome to the Aquatic Invertebrate Research Laboratory at Jackson State University.

Broadly speaking, our research is focused on exploring the evolution and ecology of aquatic invertebrates, both freshwater and marine, with particular emphasis on understanding the diversity of form and function within Crustacea. This research integrates data from diverse fields of biology including molecular phylogenetics, morphology (adult and larval), ecology, bioinformatics, and biogeography to:

1) infer phylogenetic relationships and systematic revisions that reflect natural groupings

2) better understand patterns of biodiversity, speciation, and level of connectivity among populations, especially those lacking planktonic larval stages

3) explore spatial and temporal variation in aquatic communities